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Comoving vortex configurations in a channel
Effects of fleshy macroalgae on rhodolith (Lithothamnion australe) productivity and calcification in the face of climate change
Structural analysis of HK97-fold protein shells using quasi-rigid domain decomposition
Characterizing RNA packaging into extracellular vesicles (EV) by comparing RNA in EV and other fractions from conditioned culture media
The binary frequency of late-type subgiants
An implementation of MIX
Pulsed nuclear magnetic resonance studies of some associated liquids
A molecular approach to the study of Hylid evolution
Moderate ethanol and n-6/n-3 diet interactions on lipid profile and liver function in mice
A framework for discovering implicit knowledge from event logs
Surface (S)-layers from methanotrophic bacteria: Composition and function
Dielectric properties of alcohol mixtures
Photoelectric scanning photometry of M101
Pyrolysis of 1, 1-dichlorodisilane
A microwave study of beta-butyrolactone
Relative transition probabilities of two upper levels in neon
Overflow metabolism in methanotrophic bacteria
Topic modeling and network visualizations to explore the interrelationship between global health disparities and biomedical technologies