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A stratigraphic and petrographic study of an unnamed conglomerate unit near Rancho Santa Fe, California
Geology of a portion of the Ensenada quadrangle Baja California, Mexico
A thick section of Jurassic "flysch" in the Santa Ana Mountains, Southern California
Stratigraphy and structure of the Alisitos Formation near El Rosario, Baja California, Mexico
Late Cretaceous Foraminiferida and paleoecology northwest Baja California, Mexico
Electrical resistivity of modern marine sediments from the Bering Sea
Geology of the Bahia Soledad Embayment, Baja California, Mexico
Paleocurrent analysis of the Cretaceous Rosario Formation, Baja California, Mexico
The geology and mineral deposits of the Silver District, Trigo Mountains, Yuma County, Arizona
Geology of a portion of the Temblor Range, San Luis Obispo and Kern Counties, California
Stratigraphy and structure of the Tijuana-Rosarito Beach area, northwestern Baja California, Mexico
X-ray fluorescence rubidium: Strontium age determinations of minerals from the Southern California batholith
A possible relationship between color loss in hyacinth zircons and meteoritic impact
Geology of a submarine valley on the continental slope off Baja California, Mexico
Coaxial refolding in southeast San Diego County, California
The geology and biostratigraphy of Letterbox Canyon, San Diego County, California
Neogene ostracods from the drowned terraces in the Hawaiian Islands
Lead-alpha ages of the clasts in the Poway formation
Pattern formation on bulk and surfaces of arbitrary domains