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Offshore geology and sediment distribution of the El Capitan-Gaviota continental shelf, northern Santa Barbara channel, California
Sedimentary structures of the Torrey Sandstone north of San Diego, California
Ground water resources of the upper Sweetwater River Basin
The geology of Big Bald Mountain, White Pine County, Nevada
Geology of the San Luis and San Lorenzo Island groups, Gulf of California
Some effects of Bacillus thuringiensis berliner on certain entomophagous insects
Structure and Stratigraphy of the Southern Sierra De Pintas, Baja California, Mexico
Geology of the Playa San Felipe Quadrangle, Baja California, Mexico
Textural analysis of shelf sands off the Georgia coast
Geology of the Atascadero area, San Luis Obispo County, California
Nearshore sediment distribution at San Onofre, California
Neutron Capture Cross Section of Small Samples
Homing in the adult fiddler crab, Uca crenulata
Petrographic and textural analysis of a Barchan dune southwest of the Salton Sea, Imperial County, California
Provenance and paleoenvironment of the Cretaceous Cabrillo Formation, San Diego County, California
Stratigraphic analysis of uranium deposit variability, New Mexico and Utah
A comparison of the pattern of herb and shrub growth in comparable sites in Chile and California
The adaptive significance of obligate-seeding shrubs in the chaparral
Control of the glyoxylate bypass and TCA cycle in Tetrahymena pyriformis with emphasis on isocitrate dehydrogenase
A molecular approach to the study of Hylid evolution