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Structural reconnaissance of the San Diego mainland shelf
Use of springs in analysis of the groundwater system at Mount Laguna, San Diego County, California
Marine structural geology and geologic evolution south of Santa Rosa and San Miguel Islands, California
Sedimentology of the Beechers Bay Formation, Santa Rosa Island, California
Petrology and paleoclimatology of claystones near Corona, Riverside County, California
Geophysical study of alpine meadows in San Diego County
Reconnaissance Study of Cenozoic Geology in West-Central Arizona
Clay-size CaCO3 and clay mineralogy of recent marine sediments: Southern California Continental Borderland
Geology and recent sediment distribution from Santa Barbara to Rincon Point, California
Structure and petrology of the Sierra de San Andrés Ophiolite, Vizcaino Peninsula, Baja California Sur, Mexico
Selenium contamination in well water, Ramona Municipal Water District, Ramona, California
Geology of the sulfur-sulfate deposits at the Apache Mines, Baja California, Mexico
The petrology and mineralization of the mafic complex of El Cajon Mountain
A history of metal transport to reservoir sediments in New Haven, Connecticut
An investigation of the mineral deposits of the Sierra de Pinta, Baja California, Mexico
Petrography, structure, and metamorphic history of a metasedimentary roof pendant in the Peninsular Ranges batholith, San Diego County, California
The unconsolidated sediment distribution on the San Diego County Mainland Shelf, California
Cataclastic rocks of the Rawhide Mountains, west-central Arizona
Petrology of the Eocene Friars Formation, El Cajon, Grossmont, and Tierrasanta areas, southwestern San Diego County, California
Uranium geology of the granitic rocks east of Round Mountain, Nevada