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Segmental evolution of ultraviolet exposed polyurea
Simulation of geometry and shadow effects in 3D organic polymer solar cells
Simulations of biomechanical phenomena
Spark Plasma Extrusion of dual matrix aluminum-carbon nanotube composites
Spark plasma sintering and spark plasma joining of refractory ceramics
Steerable hub-luss integrated propulsion system
Surf vehicle for paraplegic surfers
Synthesis and characterization of polyurea-polyurea composite
Synthesis of porous Co1.5CrFeNi1.5Ti high entropy alloys
Temperature effect on DNA molecular wires
Tensile and compression properties of Ni3Al-CNT nano composite
The Impact of Inertia Forces on a Morphing Wind Turbine Blade in A Vertical Axis Configuration: A Wind Tunnel Test
The biomechanical evaluation of aortic valve leaflet fusion in the LVAD-assisted heart
The effect of GC content on the electrical conductivity of DNA molecular wires
The effect of carbon nanotube (CNT) length on the microstructure of NI-CNT powders and their potential for reactive processing
The effect of carrier properties on the ballistic processing of SN-0.7 CU thick films
The effect of reverse remodeling on intraventricular flow in the LVAD-assisted heart studied in a mock circulatory loop
The effect of thermal conductivity of thin solid fuel on opposed-flow flame spread in microgravity
The effects of LVAD inflow cannula diameter, left ventricular geometry, and cardiac function on ventricular flow
The effects of manganese on tungsten heavy alloys