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Association between particulate matter air pollution and heart attacks in San Diego County
Association between participation in psychotherapy sessions and retention on medication-assisted treatment for opioid use disorder
Association between influenza vaccination and individual and medical practice characteristics in San Diego County, California
Association between circulating estradiol levels and hot flash status in breast cancer survivors in the Women's Healthy Eating and Living study
Association Between Acculturation And Intuitive Eating Among Latina Women
Assessment of the potential health hazardous chemicals in house hold dust
Assessment of potential biomarkers for detecting immune-mediated drug-induced liver injury in the modified lymphocyte transformation test
Assessment of marine endocrine-disrupting compounds in the critically endangered California Condor and their marine mammal prey
Assessment of hematological toxicity associated with combining classical chemotherapeutic and targeted cancer drugs
Assessment of firestorm-associated emergency department visits in San Diego County using the BioSense application
Assessment of data systems, smoking and injury, and poor training outcomes in U.S. military recruit populations
Assessment of cypla induction in Zebrafish embryos and adults exposed to tris (4-chlorphenyl) methanol
Assessment of contamination associated with tobacco product waste within the Kendall-Frost Marsh Reserve
Assessment of bacterial contamination in the U.S. portion of the Tijuana River and Tijuana River Estuary
Assessing the role of alcohol and intimate partner violence on HIV care and viral suppression in Uganda
Assessing the influence of a Latino faith-based program on the health practices of congregants, youth leaders, and organization
Assessing the association between risky sexual behaviors and Hepatitis C among drug users recently released from incarceration
Assessing acute developmental toxicity of Artemia salina when exposed to the coastal contaminants TCPM and TCPMOH
Assessing The Effectiveness Of A Nutrition Intervention On College Students: A Pilot Study
Area socioeconomic and racial/ ethnic disparities in breast cancer survival among Hispanic women living in the United States as a function of age, stage, and grade