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The importance of grain morphology and transverse velocity in porous media flows: Using OPENFOAM® to simulate solute transport in fractured porous media
Integration and testing of full spectrum optimized concentrating photovoltaic thermal hybrid solar system
3D-printing via binder jetting and consolidation of nano alumina bone scaffold prototypes
Preliminary sizing, flight test, and performance analysis of small tri-rotor VTOL and fixed-wing UAV
Implementing directional wireless networks with higher modulation techniques
Analyzing and improving the QoE of an airborne wi-fi network
An experimental investigation of blunt body unsteady aerodynamic force reduction
Non-intrusive current sensing with giant magnetoresistance sensors for power distribution monitoring
Effect of nickel particle sizes on electrically activated reaction synthesis (ears) of 3NI-AL-CNT composite
A novel wideband stepped impedance filter for suppression of common-mode noise in differential lines
Target value design applied to sustainable construction
Use of lean construction practices in transportation construction projects
Simulating a high performance channel for reliable error rate an dpower metrics in a brain computer interface application
Gait analysis utilizing graph signal processing to identify diabetic patients without peripheral neuropathy
Scheduling, optimization, power management and reliability analysis of smart microgrid with integrated plugged-in electric vehicles and distributed energy resources
Study of the impact of encoder parameters and unequal error protection scheme on hevc performance on fading channels
Investigations and design of wideband dual linear polarized massive mimo panel array antenna for 5g communication applications
119th Commencement: College of Engineering
Origami-based 3-dimensional neural probes for epidural and intradural recording and neurotransmitter detection
BID packaging decisions in construction projects