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Interactive World Map: Natural Disasters
Interactive Tool for American Civil War
Integrated Chart Feature Facility for Map Object, Java Edition
Initial statistical values for CS graduate and forecast thereof
Informative application on marine species (Learn Marine)
Incredible India — GIS based application tool
Improving performance in graph-based detection of odontocete whistles through graph analysis and noise regime change detection
Improved user interface to display and edit multiple files and folders
Imports and Exports of the USA
Importance of metadata in data warehousing
Implementation of interactive learning capabilities via electronic story book and communicative blogs
Implementation of identity as a service (IDaaS) provided by secure third party authentication server
Implementation of Strong Invariance on ACO Algorithms and Optimized Routing of Data Packets in Wired Networks
Implementation of DTW algorithm for application security
Impact of web search preference on web search result of search engines
Image transmission strategy optimization in energy constrained mobile computing environment
Image edge detection using ant colony optimization algorithm
Image compression using inter image matching and prediction
Identification of alternative translation initiation sites : bioinformatic analysis of mammalian 5' UTR (location prediction of start sites)
Iberian Exploration - Seen through GIS