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Smart Cookies: The Gendered Spaces of Labor, Citizenship, and Nationalism in the Girl Scout Cookie Sale
Social media information landscape : a case study in the spatial, semantic and temporal patterns of GPS-enabled tweets
Spatial and temporal variation in biomass accumulation in southern California chaparral
Spatial associations and network dynamics between the vaccine exemption discussion in Twitter and the corresponding geographic space
Spatial patterns of water insecurity in a developing city : lessons from Accra, Ghana
Spatial-temporal analysis of information diffusion patterns with user-generated geo-spatial contents from social media
Spatially explicit uncertainty and sensitivity analysis methods for land-use models
Statistics for Time-Series Spatial Data: Applying Survival Analysis to Study Land-Use Change
Stream channel erosion in a rapidly urbanizing semi-arid region: Channel dynamics of Los Laureles Canyon watershed in Tijuana, Mexico
Striking the balance: Privacy and spatial pattern preservation in masked GPS data
Struggling with salinity: Patterns and drivers of groundwater quality change in the Mexicali Valley, Mexico
Surfing towards marine conservation? An examination of world surfing reserves as marine conservation practice
Sustainable sugar? Commodity chains, ethical consumption, and the violent geographies of sugar production in Nicaragua
Terrigenous sediment dynamics in a small, tropical, fringing-reef embayment
Territory, personhood, and immigration law: Legal geographies of immigration and border control
The Healthy Migrant Hypothesis and Internal Migration in Accra, Ghana
The Struggle to Create a Residential Community in Downtown Los Angeles
The body geographic: Affect, imagination and the relationality of Be(com)ing, or movements through Spinozan earth-writings
The effect of variable demand aggregation areas on modeling primary health care accessibility in Idaho
The effects of wildfires on tropical South America's surface climate