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The influence of ethanol on adsorption capacity of heavy-metals on soil
The influence of ethanol on the adsorption capacity and desorption rate of BTEX compounds on soil
The integrated scanning-nanoindentation system for dynamic mechanical characterization
The interaction of valve dysfunction and left ventricular assist device support on intraventricular flow dynamics
The production and characterization of selectively foamed aluminum via induction heating
The role of mechanical variance and spatial clustering on the likelihood of tumor incidence and growth
The role of myosin head state and binding site availability in calcium-dependent regulation of a muscle mimetic system
The virtual gournd fence : a micro-strip filtering method implemented into power filter design
Thermal Energy Storage For Low Grade Heat In The Organic Rankine Cycle
Three degree of freedom wheelchair mounted robotic arm exoskeleton
Toward a smart stethoscope: Correlation between trachea internal air pathway geometry and the auscultation signal response
Transient and static comparison of high speed flow against open channel flow through the hydraulic analogy
Tribological behavior of boron-doped nickel aluminides reinforced with carbon nanotubes (CNT)
Tunability and carbon/metal interface in hybrid glassy carbon electrodes
Two dimensional heat transfer in non-thermally thin poly(methyl methacrylate) during combustion in a narrow channel apparatus
Two-phase PIV investigation of air-blasted sprays
Ultra wideband pulse generation using discrete prolate spheroidal sequences : design and analyses
Understanding corrosion reactions of metallic lithium using vibrational spectroscopy
Unequal error protection for H.264/SVC bitstream
Uplink and downlink synchronization of 802.16