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COMPE 475 Microprocessors
COMPE 560 Computer and Data Networks
COMPE 565 Multimedia Communication Systems
E E 310 Circuit Analysis II
E E 330 Fundamentals of Engineering Electronics
E E 300 Computational and Statistical Methods for Electrical Engineers
E E 210 Circuit Analysis I
E E 296L Electrical Circuit Laboratory
E E 200 Analytical Methods for Electrical Engineers
E E 204 Principles of Electrical Engineering
E E 440 Electromagnetic Waves
E E 340 Electric and Magnetic Fields
E E 450 Digital Signal Processing
E E 455 Antenna Theory and Design
E E 420 Feedback Control Systems
E E 420L Control Systems Laboratory
E E 430L Electronic Circuits Laboratory
E E 439 Instrumentation Circuits
E E 380 Electrical Energy Conversion
E E 380L Electrical Energy Conversion Laboratory