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Numerical modeling of a high temperature carbon particle generator
Numerical modeling of the effect of histidine protonation on DNA hybridization and pH distribution in electronically active microarray
Numerical simulation of convective cooling by a wall jet along a convex surface
Numerical study for optimized designs of savonius turbine blade
Numerical study of interactions of hydrodynamics, kinetics and radiation in flames
Observer-based LQR and integral action controller for regulation problem of a Quad-Rotor UAV: Quanser Qball2
Obtaining approval and support for biomedical quality assurance strategies
Open-Source In-Vitro NeuroMEMS Hardware Platform for Transmission of Neural Signals Recorded Using a Novel ECoG Microsensor Array
Optical analysis and modeling of a window for small particle receiver using the Monte Carlo Ray Trace method
Optical design of a solar flux uniformity corrector for a combined photovoltaic-thermal receiver
Optimal control for stabilization of quadrotor vehicle trajectories
Origami-based 3-dimensional neural probes for epidural and intradural recording and neurotransmitter detection
Part load study of twin-screw expander for ultra-low grade thermal energy conversion using organic rankine cycle
Patterns of molecular evolution among the PE and PPE proteins of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Polymer layer structure and protein rearrangements impact protein adsorption on polymer coated surfaces
Polymethylmethacrylate Combustion In A Narrow Channel Apparatus Simulating A Microgravity Environment
Polyurea foam for protective armor
Position and attitude determination using deep learning object detection algorithms for autonomous aerial refueling
Powder processing of hybrid sintered silver-silver chloride neural electrodes
Powder processing of hybrid titanium neural electrodes