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Leaf Recognition and Matching with MATLAB
Largest earthquakes in Japan
Large scale simulation of mucus
Language learning spaces
LARC resource library
LARC iPhone for language learning through social networking
Kinematics-based simulation of hybrid robots on challenging terrain
Keystroke dynamics for mobile devices -- data collection
Keyboard mapping and font rendering techniques for non-Latin languages case of Android mobile phones
K-Means Clustering with Automatic Determination of K Using a Multi Objective Genetic Algorithm with Applications to Microarray Gene Expression Data
Joining mapping software and cultural reflections
Java map objects - US possessions
Java based manmade disaster interactive application
JPEG to STL Translation Software for Color/Texture Mapping in Support of 3D Printing of Surfaces Used in Visual/Tactile Cross-Modal Cognitive Neuroscience Research
Investigating The Use Of Microsoft Kinect 3D Imaging For Robotic Person Following
Internationalizing the CAST language screening tool
Interactive world map : man made disasters
Interactive graphical interface for printed glycan array data analysis
Interactive campus map application for San Diego State University
Interactive application for proteomics using Cloud