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Gender differences in sexual violence victimization and acknowledgement on a college campus
Spatial working memory in children with FASD : a multimodal imaging approach
Geology of the sulfur-sulfate deposits at the Apache Mines, Baja California, Mexico
Evidence-based psychotherapy utilization among OEF/OIF/OND veterans with PTSD
Paleobiology of the Roberts Mountains Formation, Bullfrog Hills, Nevada
Analysis of globus pallidus local field potentials and electrocorticograms of patients diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease
California’s failing drug laws and their impact in conjunction with the growing opioid epidemic
An exploration of proposed algorithms for use over the subspace metric in the scope of network coding theory
Integrating morphological and genomic data discovers new species diversity within sidewinder rattlesnakes (Crotalus cerastes)
Effects of pycnonuclear reactions on accreting white dwarf stellar evolution
Early emotion dysregulation and its neural correlates in toddlers with autism spectrum disorders
Asymptotic approximations of integrals with applications
Total synthesis of marine natural products: Micromide, its analogs, and lagunamide A
Conspecific cues, not starvation, mediate habitat-specific responses of urchins to predation risk
A computational pipeline for novel phage discovery in metagenomic samples
PyFBA: Simulating genome-scale metabolic models
Threat- and reward-related neural architecture of irritability development across early childhood
Parenting behaviors and youth internalizing symptoms: Racial/ethnic differences among youth offspring of depressed parents
Conformational control: A strategy to increase kinase inhibitor selectivity
Drosophila as a model for myosin-induced dilated cardiomyopathy