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AMID Firestream 9170 GPGPU implementation of a Brook+parallel algorithm to search for counterexamples to Beal's Conjecture
Nvidia GeForce 8400 GPGPU implementation of a CUDA C parallel algorithm to search for counterexamples to Beal's Conjecture
The study of web application development versus native application development on iPhone
High school campus map creation toolkit
Global warming information tool - a map based teaching aid
Language learning spaces
New learning spaces
Risk assessment application
Computation of the distribution of word lengths for a regular language defined by a regular grammar
A thin client application to visualize database performance
Determining axes of symmetry for certain loci related to Kloosterman sums
Web accessible database for Kloosterman cardioid research
Results from application of software suite to Kloosterman cardioid research
Automated arbitrage opportunities in the stock market using Quick Test Professional
Web-based tool for visualization of online discourse events
A desktop client interface for JIRA
Map based comparison of population in major cities of United States of America
A geovisual analytic technique for exploratory analysis of online discourses
Steganography using cylinder insertion algorithm and mobile based stealth steganography
Optimized character formation on mobile platform