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Absorbing-type boundary conditions and compile-time acceleration technologies in simulating seismic wave propagation on heterogeneous geologic media
Accurate parameters of the double-lined eclipsing binary kic 9474969 and comparison with asteroseismology
Afghanistan, history and beyond - GIS based application tool
Amplification of long period ground motion by the Los Angeles Basin
An Android application for crime analysis in San Diego
An interactive GIS based tool on Chinese history and its topography
An interactive economic GIS tool for Europe using map objects for Java
An overview of the NTRU cryptographic system
Ancient Egypt
BIOL 211 Fundamentals of Microbiology
BIOL 212 Human Anatomy
BIOL 251 Human Anatomy Internship
BIOL 326 Plants, Medicines and Drugs
BIOL 335 The Human Body
BIOL 557 Transmission Electron Microscopy Laboratory
BIOMI 609 / CS 609 Computational Genomics and Bioinformatics
Battle of France WWII
Boat Engine Noise Induces Physiological Stress and Reduces Predation Risk in Coastal Marine Fish
CHEM 100 Introduction to General Chemistry with Laboratory
CHEM 102 Introduction to General, Organic and Biological Chemistry