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A morphometric approach to competition in Ordovician brachiopods
A numerical model of potential conjunctive use in San Dieguito basin, San Diego County, California
A paleomagnetic investigation of Miocene volcanic rocks in Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, south-central Arizona
A paleomagnetic investigation of mid-Tertiary volcanic rocks in the lower Colorado River area, Arizona and California
A paleomagnetic study of Miocene volcanics from the Colorado River and mainland Mexico regions
A paleomagnetic study of the Miocene Alverson volcanics of the Coyote Mountains, western Salton Trough, California
A paleomagnetic, rock magnetic and magnetic mineralogic investigation of the northern Peninsular Ranges batholith, Southern California
A palinspastic reconstruction of the eastern San Gabriel Mountains based on the occurrence of a middle Cenozoic dike swarm
A petrochemical study of the Deer Lakes piemontite zone, eastern Sierra Nevada, California
A probabilistic approach for assessing rock mass and volume change: Implication for the development of the Scove Canyon shear zone, Peninsular Ranges, Southern California
A reconnaissance geochemical, geochronological, and petrological investigation of granitoids in the Big and Little Maria Mountains and Palen Pass, Riverside County, California
A reconnaissance study of metamorphism in the Big Maria Mountains, Riverside County, California
A statistical analysis of water well depth and yield in the fractured crystalline rocks of San Diego County
A structural and petrographic evaluation of the Thing Valley lineament, San Diego County, California
A study of acoustic sounder records at Gualala, California, 1982
A study of inclusions in the Las Blancas pluton, San Diego County, California
A study of the pleistocene marine invertebrate fauna of San Diego County, California
A study of thermal waters in Valle Trinidad, Baja California, Mexico
A transient method of soil vapor extraction testing involving vertical air leakage
A two-dimensional, finite-difference model of the phase distribution and vapor transport of multiple compounds