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A descriptive analysis of the evaluation practices of faculty development programs in the California public institutions of higher education
A for-credit elective course in mindfulness and compassion: Impacts on the mind, heart, and behaviors of postsecondary students
A grounded theory study of how postsecondary instructors construct their role in an asynchronous online course
A music community project: Helping children gain musical knowledge and develop social emotional growth through musical experience and family involvement
A music-based social emotional curriculum project: Helping toddlers with developmental delays develop language and cognition skills through a music-based social emotional curriculum
A phenomenological study of Hispanic adult learners at a rural community college
A phenomenological study of formerly incarcerated Latino men in California community colleges
A phenomenological study of the implementation of engineering standards in the secondary science classroom
A phenomenological study of the older adult learner's community college experience
A phenomenology: Novice principals’ perception of early challenges, best practices, strategies, and support systems
A principal's role in creating and sustaining an inclusive environment
A profile of California Community College department chairs
A program evaluation of an intervention for reducing unwanted behaviors in young students
A program evaluation of positive behavior interventions and supports implementation at ABC elementary
A program evaluation on multi-tiered systems of support to affect student mental health
A program evaluation: A high school to community college transition program for African American and Latino males
A programmatic evaluation of inclusive preschool programs to evaluate early interventions to support long term achievement
A qualitative exploration of the use of assessment for educational excellence
A qualitative study exploring the impact of reflective practice on early childhood teachers
A quantitative investigation of the effectiveness of social media in delivering a tuberculosis health communication campaign to millennial college students