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"Take what you want and leave the rest": Alcoholics Anonymous and female empowerment
"That doesn't strike me as Filipino": Navigating names, cultural identity, and rhetorical onomastics
"There comes an end to all things": Writing death and identity in literature and television
"They're only laughing 'cause you're pretty": Women's experiences at comedy clubs
"We" the people: Decoding Lockean and Calvinist themes in American political nationalism
"When did Facebook become my girlfriend?": Gender and self-presentation on Facebook
"Wiser mothers, better babies": Baby week, children's year, and the American campaign to reform motherhood, 1910 - 1921
"Yeah, sometimes we're like that, but it's not our entire world": Negotiating counter nerd identities against a dominant narrative
"You don't exist unless you're on TV": The invisible representation of female bisexuality on the The L Word and Orange Is the New Black
#SeggsEd: Sex, safety, and censorship on TikTok
(De)constructing literacy: Education inequalities and the production of space in San Diego, California
108th Commencement: College of Arts and Letters
119th Commencement: College of Arts and Letters
120th Commencement: College of Arts and Letters
25 days, before antiquity; 33 nights - until infamy
287(g) policy and public safety: A matched comparison multi-linear regression analysis
50th Anniversary of Women's Studies Oral History Project
A Kosovar nation: Heroes, education, diaspora and the (re)imagining of Kosovar nationhood
A Yuman digital library: The Takuk bird song cycle archives of the Ipai, Kumeyaay, Tipay(Tipai) people of Baja California, Mexico, and California, USA
A century of change: National Geographic Magazine and the rhetoric of Amazonian land development