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The full circle of communicating holistic healing: Social support through a breast cancer journey
Communicating in the borderland of identity construction: Congolese women and mediated representations of gendered beauty
Cancer may cause sarcasm: The use of sarcasm during oncology interviews
Honey, what are we watching tonight?: an examination of couples' media use and relational satisfaction
From intervention to rehab: Rhetorical agency in addiction and recovery reality programs
"I can see Russia from my house": Tina Fey's impersonation of Sarah Palin as a template for media coverage in the 2008 presidential election
Laughter and the laws of attraction: investigating laughter and attraction during initial interaction
Sweet surprise: a case study of argument about high fructose corn syrup
Partnering and providing reassurance within medical relationships patient/nurse interactions during oncology interviews
Ex-XXX: Making sense of the Straight Edge subculture and communicating an ex-Straight Edge identity
Online social networks and intercultural adaptation of international students in the U.S
Schizo: Finding comedy in drama
The past, the will, & a brick: the makings of an essay-film abroad
Translation and adaptation of Uncle Vanya
Rendering of a mulata : the discovery and rethinking of images of mulatas in colonial Latin American art
Stu's breakfast
One Hundred Eleventh Commencement: College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts
The implementation of innovative production strategies to produce a network broadcast television program on a small budget