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Chekhov in Vladivostok
Children in the garden: The writings and rhetoric of colonial California
Conversion of ESRI shapefile to spatial database tables
Data mining of two large transcriptomic data sets that utilize drosophila as a model system for the study of neurodegeneration due to aging and trauma
Developing novel tools that can target and bind to the WNT receptor frizzled 7 (FZD7)
Development and validation of a postnatal risk score in children with prenatal alcohol exposure and its relation to executive function
Development of a cell-based assay for the discovery of novel protease inhibiters for Zika virus
Distressed mothers: An investigation of the representation and treatment of refugees within their host countries through media and literature
Eccentric caches of Buenavista Del Cayo: Contextual analysis and cosmological significance
Efficient modeling of nuclei through coupling of proton and neutron wavefunctions
Emmanuel Levinas and the feminine
Evaluating trauma and recidivism in juvenile delinquents
Examining colorectal cancer screening and gender in Latinos in the community health setting
FLDS families facing the fauxpocalypse: Motherhood and dependency under one man rule from the mid-1970s into the new millenium
Fashion for me! An evaluation of student fashion choices and school dress code policies
Five generations of family in Tijuana
Forever young: Cranial growth in gray whales (eschrichtius robustus) with implications for ontogeny and phylogeny
Gender inequality and export-led development: Neoliberal reform in Latin America
Gender rolls: The contentious integration of transgender identities into the feminist spaces of women's roller derby
Half-bandaged left shoulder