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Aortic valve tissue biomechanics during LVAD support: Implementation in bioreactor design and preliminary testing
Powder processing of hybrid sintered silver-silver chloride neural electrodes
Interface and impedance optimization of glassy carbon based ECoG neural probes
A comprehensive nonlinear mathematical modeling of smart flow distribution network
Synthesis of porous Co1.5CrFeNi1.5Ti high entropy alloys
A comparison of the Monte Carlo method to the discrete ordinates method in FLUENT for calculating radiation heat transfer in a particle solar receiver
Fabrication of organic solar cells using sputtered indium tin oxide anode on flexible substrate
Lagrangian coherent structures in the model left ventricle
Hydrocarbon Pyrolysis Reactor Experimentation and Modeling for the Production of Solar Absorbing Carbon Nanoparticles
Dome Window And Mount Design For A Large Scale Solar Receiver
Microfluidic platform to create micro vortices to enhance the capture cancer stem cells
Investigation of effect of geometry and surface treatment on the electro kinetics of GC microelectrodes
Radiation Heat Transfer Simulation in a Window for a Small Particle Solar Receiver Using the Monte Carlo Method
Computation Of Radiative Fields In Opposed-Flow Flame Spread In A Microgravity Environment
Computational modeling of flow and combustion in a Couette channel simulating microgravity
Thermal Energy Storage For Low Grade Heat In The Organic Rankine Cycle
Using Signal Processing For Electrocardiogram Prior To In-Hospital Cardiac Arrest
Intraventricular fluid mechanics and thrombus formation in the LVAD-assisted heart
Effects of Electromagnetic Field on the Electrical Properties of DNA Molecular Wires
The Impact of Inertia Forces on a Morphing Wind Turbine Blade in A Vertical Axis Configuration: A Wind Tunnel Test