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Understanding the mechanisms leading to recruitment inhibition of Macrocystis pyrifera by opportunistic algae
Place-based environmental education and environmental justice in Imperial Beach, California
Common frame dynamics for conically-constrained spacecraft attitude control
Inter-rater agreement of executive function abilities in children with FASD or ADHD, and relation to laboratory measures
United States keep it cool: The Dave Brubeck Quartet State Department Tour of 1958 and the concert series in Bombay, India
A fully adaptive 2D empirical wavelet transform using watersheds
Robust training of deep neural networks using numerical methods
Effect of a varying shear current on ocean surface waves
Welcome to my slumber party
A person-centered exploration of the Hexaco personality measure and work-related outcomes
More than an image: A feminist analysis of childhood, values, and norms in children's clothing advertisements at H&M
Vortex interaction in polariton Bose Einstein condensates
Numerical performance of mixed triangular elements based on the functional reconstitution technique
The geology of an allochthonous jurassic sequence in the Sierra de Santa Rosa, northwest Sonora, Mexico
To fear or not to fear the boogiemen?: An evaluation of the boogieman's role in children's literature from fairytales to nonsense
Abalone harvesting on California's Channel Islands: A study of Chinese identity and fortitude
Gender differences in sexual violence victimization and acknowledgement on a college campus
Geology of the sulfur-sulfate deposits at the Apache Mines, Baja California, Mexico
Stress prediction in turbine blades under forced excitation