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An AJAX-based event calendar for a course management system
An analysis and comparison of two recreational music making adult piano curricula and two beginning adult piano curricula
An ethnobotany of Baja California's Kumeyaay Indians
An exploratory analysis of leisure activities and emotional health among older Mexican-Americans
An intelligent healthcare data management system for mobile environment
An overview of the Buchmann-Williams cryptographic system
Analysis and debugging of OEM's
Analysis of information sources during product purchase
Anthro Optic(a)
Anti-corruption, the missing piece of U.S. counter narcotics strategy in Afghanistan
Antibiotic activity of pre-oxidized ciprofloxacin
Artistry in collaboration : the director's approach in musical theatre
Automation of Android application and bug tracing mechanism
Autonomous vehicle based real-time acoustic detection and classification of odontocetes
Behind closed doors : representing the "unrepresentable"
Bioinformatics and evolutionary analysis of small heat shock proteins
CHYSEL in Ciona intestinalis : ensuring co-expression of multiple proteins in equimolar amounts
CUDA implementation of parallel algorithms for animal noseprint identification
Cambodian Americans : a study in struggle
Cascading style sheet generator