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13 reasons why: An exploration of parent involvment through third-person effect
17 hr days
4:00 AM
738 days and a wake up: An autoethnograpic investigation of being a woman inmate
A ballad for Tex
A bee staggers out of the peony
A blended pedagogy: Synthesizing best practices of opera and musical theatre programs to promote a holistic approach to training the singing actor
A breath from the fluttering edge
A case study analysis of mediated communication interest at end-of-life
A chicken in the city: A documentary film
A comparative analysis of five songs from 1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours and 21st Century Breakdown by Green Day
A comparative analysis of the musical activities within three German occupied concentration camps: Warsaw, Terezín, and Auschwitz
A comparative study of two generations of female piano teachers and their independent piano studios
A content analysis of Kickstarter: The influence of framing and reward motivations on campaign success
A galaxy not-so-far-away: Science fiction films, situated ideological allegory, and the rhetorical construction of American exceptionalism
A geo-spatial analysis of the assocation between craft breweries and crime in Vista, California
A level playing field?: Gender communication in co-ed recreational soccer
A manifesto for neoliberal ideology in the workplace: An intersectional analysis of Sandberg’s Lean In
A mechanical trap above a theatrical lift
A media system dependency study of advertising consumption trends on social media