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Obtaining approval and support for biomedical quality assurance strategies
The biomechanical evaluation of aortic valve leaflet fusion in the LVAD-assisted heart
Electrical characterization of three dimensional DNA-based bionanoelectronics platforms
Aquatic vertebrate locomotion and its application to wind turbine blade design
Comparison of mechanical and piezoelectric power extraction from a speed bump
Experimental approach in measuring flame spread rate
A constitutive law for the pulmonary valve leaflet tissue
An AJAX based quiz management system
Localized current activated sintering of titanium nickelides
Window and seal design for a small particle solar receiver
Multi-scale processing of powder-based aluminum alloys
Geometric characterization and optimization of 3D organic flexible solar cells
Measurement of gas temperature field in a flame spreading over solid fuel
Real-Time analysis of the biomechanics of nitinol staples
Numerical study of interactions of hydrodynamics, kinetics and radiation in flames
Reactive current activated tip-based sintering of nickle aluminides
Determining electroless nickel deposition rates in-situ
Experimental investigation of organic MEMS based conductive polymer-metal composite
Investigation of polyaniline (PANi) and SU-8 composite conductive polymer : pattern ability and electrical characteristics
The integrated scanning-nanoindentation system for dynamic mechanical characterization