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Cultural Adaption of International Students: Stereotypes and Intercultural Communication Competence
Microblogging the News: Who Sets the Agenda?
The Effects of the Use of eWOM on Credibility, Organization-Public Relationships and Organizational Reputation
Organizing persuasive appeals for organ donation : a study of evidence and prospect effects on organ donation messages
Prepared today, alive tomorrow : persuasive appeals in predicting preparation for active shooter scenarios in a college setting
Play along : communicative constructions of play within an improvisational comedy team
The Last Meal Campaign: A Visual Exploration of Innocence and the Death Penalty
The influence of perception and identification on the social support available to undocumented individuals
Rough Around the Edges: Masculinity, Hegemony, and Identification with the Abject in Dallas Buyers Club
A smoking identity: Investigating smoker identity and psychological reactance as variables on the relationship between antismoking PSA and attitude change
Violations Of Early Motherhood: The Darkside Of Social Support And Postpartum Mental Illness
Moments of Impact: The Trajectory of Emotion Labor as Human Service Workers Communicate with Refugees Experiencing Domestic Violence
The role of attidudinal ambivalence in the relationship between e-cigarette messages and e-cigarette benefit and harm perceptions
Evaluating the interplay between attachment and resilience on adult relationships
From Asperger's to Aspie : communicatively reframing, reclaiming, and (re)negotiating a stigmatized identity
It's for me: Communicating Agentic Identities in Narratives of Volunteering
The predictors of parasocial interaction and their effects on perceived persuasiveness
Candidate image : factoring in gender
Managing Patients' Laughter and Humor in Oncology Interview: Justifying Wellness as an Interactional Achievement
Resistance in the digital age: An exploration of the perspectives of community college instructors regarding barriers to online instruction