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TFM 314 Film and Video Production, section 01
TFM 160 Cinema as Art:  Introduction to Cinema, sections 01 through 03
TFM 110 Writing for Television and Film
TFM 561 Advanced Television:  Production
THEA 600A Research and Bibliography
TFM 560 Advanced Film: Production
TFM 573 Selected Topics in History of Film, TV, and Media:  History of Women in Prime-time Television
THEA 350 Musical Theatre Performance I, Section 1
THEA 350 Musical Theatre Performance I, Section 2
TFM 430 History of Prime-Time Television
THEA 110 Fundamentals of Voice for Actors
THEA 100 The Art of Theatre, Sections 1 and 2
THEA 332 Acting III
THEA 325 Script Analysis
THEA 547 Lighting Design II
THEA 548 Sound Design and Production for the Theatre
THEA 550 Software Design
THEA 650 Seminar in Musical Theatre Dance History
TFM 360 Intermediate Filmmaking
TFM 670 Seminar: Midway Review Production