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A study of the immunization rates in California childcare facilities in 2014-2015
Acculturation and its association with physical activity among Latinas in San Diego, California
Acculturation levels and its association with fruit and vegetable consumption among Latinas
Accuracy of three screening-level vapor intrusion models for indoor air: Comparison of predicted volatile organic compound (VOC) concentrations with measured levels
Acid suppression as a risk factor for complications among individuals diagnosed with Clostridium difficile associated diarrhea at Naval Medical Center San Diego
Adverse auditory outcomes in U.S. Navy members from 2001-2008
An analysis of community-level chronic disease mortality rates and demographics to assess health disparities between San Diego County communities
An analysis of plate waste after the implementation of reverse recess in a San Diego elementary school
An analysis of restaurant food safety practices within full-service restaurants during peak business hours in San Diego County, California
An assay of tumor control, toxicity and sequelae as a means of evaluating a hypofractionated SBRT treatment protocol for early stage prostate carcinoma: A Phase I trial
An assessment of East County, San Diego, for a relationship violence program using the Community Readiness Model
An assessment of mobile food facilities handler knowledge
An evaluation of an employee-based health coaching program
An exploratory analysis of leisure activities and emotional health among older Mexican-Americans
An exploratory study of substance use and club type among exotic dancers in San Diego
An exploratory study on the impact of acculturation on waterpipe smoking practices among Arab Americans in San Diego, California
An investigation into California child maltreatment in 2017
Analysis of adverse outcomes in group A Streptococcal necrotizing fasciitis cases in San Diego County, CA, 1994-2007
Analysis of complex polycyclic hydrocarbon mixtures found in particulate matter air samples from the San Diego-Tijuana Border Region using GCxGC-TOFMS