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Xochipilli: Unveiling the spiritual concepts of a Nahua deity
LATAM 420 Latin American Studies Through Film
Education within Brazil's landless workers' movement: Validating life and opportunity in the Brazilian countryside
The problem of classifying gangs as terrorists in El Salvador
Correlates of medical mistrust among Hispanics/Latinos in San Diego: Results from the HCHS/SOL-IDASH ancillary study
Law 348: The struggle to end violence against women in Bolivia
Herbal Healing: A comparison of medicinal plant and pharmacy medication preference in two communities of La Libertad, Peru
Meth in the Tijuana-San Diego border region: Tracing the rise of methamphetamine addiction in the United States and Mexico
Intention versus impact : comparing interest rates charged by non-profit organizations and commercial banks in the Latin American microfinance industry
Healthy cocina initiative: Understanding the successes and barriers of implementing a pilot project to promote healthy, affordable prepared meals in a low-income Latino market
LATAM 111 Elementary Mixtec II
LATAM 550 Mexico-US Border from Latin American Perspective
LATAM 320 Culture and Society of Tijuana, Section 2
LATAM 320 Culture and Society of Tijuana, Section 1
LATAM 601 Research Methods in Latin American Studies
LATAM 495/795 Latin American Studies Internship
LATAM 370 History of Mexico: From Independence to Early Twentieth Century
LATAM 355 The United States-Mexico International Border
LATAM 307 Brazilian Music and Culture
LATAM 110 Elementary Tu'un Sa'vi Mixtec I