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From toilet to tap: The evolving discourse of recycled drinking water
Borderland trajectories: Exploring the world of forced migration through the lens of those who walk its soil
The State Department and the Space Race
Spinoza and human biocultural diversity
Geochemical sediment source identification in a semi-arid urbanized watershed: Implications for improved soil loss modeling
Histogram curve matching approach for geographic object-based image change analysis of urban land use
International threat and the cohesiveness of political systems: A cross-national study
The Cold War Congo: The Congo crisis and the determinants behind US Cold War foreign policy (1952-1964)
Deconstructing the pillars of memory: Gender, memory and the Rwanda Genocide
Disaster & emergency preparedness for people with mobility disabilities in Mexico
Indigenous social movement in Nayarit: Resistance to the Las Cruces hydroelectric dam
The sly fox and the willowy ghost: Representations of gender in Qing supernatural tales
The success and failures of secessionist movements and the role of religion in a western world order
Educational change in China and the organization of teacher-student interaction in urban and rural TEFL classrooms
Pragmatic positivism: Werner Heisenberg's philosophy of quantum mechanics
Sex-specific habitat suitability models for Panthera tigris in Chitwan National Park, Nepal
Centers of inclusion? Trans and non-binary inclusivity in California State University system women's centers
Performance and sexuality during the Harlem Renaissance: Gladys Bentley and Ma Rainey
Effective motivation: Teaching associates' response to student writing
Values and normativity: A study of the metaethical foundations of prescriptive ethics