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Roles for ATF-6-inducible genes in cardiac physiology and pathology
Determinants of predation success: A holistic examination of the predator-prey interactions between rattlesnakes and kangaroo rats
Perceptions of self-concept for multiracial college students: A mixed methods study
Molecular diagnostics for drug-resistant tuberculosis: Can genetic tests replace conventional diagnostics as predictors of drug resistance and clinical outcome?
Early auditory-semantic integration and organization: Behavioral and Electrophysiological Evidence
The Impact of Individual Differences in Social Skills and Executive Control on Visual-Spatial Perspective-Taking in Signers and Nonsigners
Participant Engagement in a Foster Parent Training Intervention
Boosting Performance and Endurance of Flash-Based Storage Systems: From Embedded Systems to Enterprise Servers
Identifying Typologies of Breast Cancer Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy Based on Multiple Indicators of Sleep and Fatigue
Poverty and Place: Structural Determinants of Infectious Disease Risk in Mexico and Central America
Optimization of spark-plasma sintering efficiency : tailoring material structure and advanced tooling design
Teachers' understanding of algebraic generalization
Cardiac interstitial cell fate in embryonic and neonatal microenvironments
Distributed mode selection and cross-layer routing protocol for FDD nodes in mobile ad hoc networks
Participation and power in the gataifale: A comparative study of Samoan coastal marine comanagement
Structural architecture of the Western and Central Transverse Ranges, California, USA
Factors influencing the retention and graduation of Latino male students: Four-year Hispanic-serving institutions
Patterns of felt and expressed positive affect in social anxiety: Concordance, discordance, and their correlates
Struggling readers and dyslexic readers: A comparative study of student intervention files