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Violence against women in India: Three essays on its offline and online forms
Vascular contributions to neurocognitive impairment among older persons with HIV
Variables influencing contextualized moral reasoning
Variability in greenhouse gas dynamics due to spatial heterogeneity and seasonality in Alaskan Arctic coastal wetlands
Validation of the Strategies for Weight Management Questionnaire for Overweight or Obese Adults
Utilization of a Binational Training Program to Investigate the Prevalence, Correlates, and Etiology of Anemia Among Women and Children in Rural Baja California, Mexico
Usual Care' psychotherapy outcomes associated with therapist use of case management in the treatment of youths who have disruptive behavior problems
Using former foster youth voices to enhance postsecondary educational attainment
Using cluster analysis to investigate the association between smoke-free homes, light smoking, and cessation behaviors
Use of retroviral peptide libraries for the identification of novel cellular targets of HIV-1 and the discovery of novel inhibitors
Use of nitrite inhalants (poppers) among people with and at-risk for HIV
Urban land cover and land use change in Ghana: Connections to demography and health
Uptake, localization, and speciation of iron and boron in the brown algae Ectocarpus siliculosus and Macrocystis pyrifera
Unpacking mobility, sex trafficking, and HIV vulnerability in two Mexico-U.S. border cities
Understanding the role of NEMO in IKK activation
Understanding the relationship between non-motor symptoms of Parkinson's disease and sleep disorders
Understanding the multilevel factors related to spousal communication and contraception among married adolescent girls and their husbands in Dosso, Niger
Understanding the dynamics of changing land-use and land-cover, population, and climate in the Chitwan Valley, Nepal
Understanding population connectivity in shortfin mako shark (Isurus oxyrinchus) at multiple spatial scales
Understanding of the structure-function relationship of tumor-relevant IDH1 mutants: A kinetic investigation