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"I support your endorsement": A classification of presidential campaign endorsements and the exploration of the 2016 Republican "support" versus "endorse" dichotomy
"It's nice to be treated like a human being": An ethnographic investigation of female inmates communicating support behind bars
"It's not a choice": A critical analysis of systemic racism in faculty hiring practices in the community college from the perspective of faculty of color
"Ma luoy man me": Reproductive health and family planning in Siquijor, Siquijor, Philippines
"Man in the Box": Expressions of masculinity and mental health in the 1990's grunge music
"Middle" Cretaceous metasedimentary rocks of La Olvidada northeastern Baja California, Mexico
"Military brats" to college grads: Examining adaptation process of military adult children in higher education
"My childhood ended with my mom's incarceration": Adolescent children of incarcerated parents
"My most authentic self": Creating visibility and understanding of pansexuality through stories of identity formation
"Never Give Up"
"Nothing is impossible to a determined woman": Louisa May Alcott and nineteenth-century gender roles
"Obvi we're the ladies": The unruly women of postfeminist television
"On war and home front:" Portrayals of Soviet women in America written media from World War II into the early Cold War
"On water" Wittig reaction laboratory experiment and the development of an "on water" catalytic Wittig reaction
"Our Boss"
"Please read and respond": Strategies for community engagement in museums in San Diego and their implications for the Nate Harrison project
"Please" to meet you