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MOJO utility for rendering of maps using natural breaks
Map based tool to draw Voronoi, Minimum Bounding Rectangle and Convex Hull for given points
Mobility prediction based polling mechanism for neighbor link maintenance of directional UAV networks
Online web ballot application
Peer tell application : (a discussion point for SDSU CS department)
Per-Packet Rate Adaptation for Priority Based Protection in 802.11 MIMO Networks for Wireless Video Transmission
Performance evaluation of a multi-leader-follower mobility model for uav swarm
Remote sensing
Research and analysis on improving mobile application security by using multi-level authentication including Image Based Authentication (IBA)
Stock market forecasting using fuzzy logic
Study and analysis of AODV routing and SEEDEX MAC protocols
Study of emane and core network emulators for UAV networks
The construction of four-dimensional lattices from Q(√2,√5)
Understanding the role of NEMO in IKK activation
Wifi signal processing for radar sensing applications: Feasability and implementation
Wrist movement classification using multi-channel surface EMG