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Instructor feedback as disciplinary cultivation: Using Anxiety/Uncertainty Management to explore first-generation college students’ negotiation of academic voice(s)
Laughter and the laws of attraction: investigating laughter and attraction during initial interaction
Maternal Influences to Vertical Transmission of HIV in Kenya and Uganda
Mobilizing friendship: Mitigating perceived feelings of loneliness through social networking applications
Motivation for physical activity among U.S. adolescents: A self-determination theory perspective
Predictors of Seeking Care: A Multi-Group Analysis
Predictors of interest in voluntary participation for mindfulness training
Public stigma toward housing applicants with psychiatric disabilities
Realistic online recruitment
Relational uncertainty in friends with benefits relationships : negotiating uncertainty reduction strategies when romantic interest develops
Safety cynicism : a new safety construct
Self-reported stigmatization among injecting drug users (IDUS) in Kazakhstan
Sexual coercion across cultures : an examination of prevalence, perceptions, and consequences of sexual coercion in Korea and the United States
Sleep behavior and happiness among Brazilian and Dominican migrants
System justification beliefs moderate attitudes about gender imbalance in mathematics
Testing The Invariance Of Adult Survey-Based Sex-Related Behaviors Across Gender, Ethnicity/Race, And Generation
The Interplay of Politician and Perceiver Race on Support for Race-Based Public Policy
The association between body dissatisfaction and sexual compulsivity among sexual minority men
The cornerstone of parents' wellbeing: Analyzing perceived support deficiencies of single parents compared to partnered parents