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Mapping agricultural change in the Imperial and Mexicali Valleys, 2000 - 2014
Mineral exploration of the Colorado River extensional corridor using enhanced Landsat TM imagery
Neotectonics and geomorphology of a portion of the San Jacinto Fault Zone in the Anza seismic gap of Southern California
Opportunities for water conservation in Imperial Valley, California informed by EEFlux ET and Landsat NDVI
Petrologic and geochemical evidence for an Early- to Middle-Jurassic extensional magmatic arc, southeastern California
Population dynamics throughout the urban context: A case study in sub-Saharan Africa utilizing remotely sensed imagery and GIS
Postfire Regrowth Trajectories In Chamise Chaparral Based On Multi-Temporal Landsat Imagery
Prebatholithic stratigraphy of the northeastern Sierra La Asamblea, Baja California, Mexico
Relationships between lineaments and productivity for water wells in crystalline rock in the Descanso area, California
Removal of dissolved metals by the Imperial and Brawley Constructed Wetlands, Imperial Valley, C.A.
Salt marsh responses to oil contamination following the Deepwater Horizon oil spill
Sandstone petrology of the Cretaceous Lusardi and Cabrillo Formations: Evidence for deep dissection of the Peninsular Ranges magmatic arc by Late Cretaceous time
Satellite image metrics as indicators of socioeconomic and demographic characteristics in slum neighborhoods of Accra, Ghana
Sediment volume changes in the vicinity of Oceanside Harbor
Seismic reflection evaluation of detachment-related crustal extension in the transition zone, Yavapai County, Arizona
Southern Coyote Creek fault to Superstition Hills fault: New insight to the San Jacinto fault system
Stream channel erosion in a rapidly urbanizing semi-arid region: Channel dynamics of Los Laureles Canyon watershed in Tijuana, Mexico
Structural, sedimentological, and petrological setting of the Lang-Halsted sequence and Duncan Peak chet, lower Shoo Fly Complex, Northern Sierra Nevada, California
Synthetic aperture radar coherence study of San Diego County and interferometric study of deformation along the Coyote Creek fault, Imperial County, California
Tectonic geomorphology and quaternary history of the Old Woman Springs Fault, San Bernardino County, California