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Oxygen Optode Analysis of Coral-Algal Interactions
Piggyback-the-Winner: lytic to temperate switching of viral communities
Radiobiological and dosimetric magnetic field effects of MRI-guided HDR brachytherapy
Reactions of stannylamines and anionic main group metal halides: A mild route to novel main group metal-nitrogen compounds
Structural Arrangement of the DmSNAP190 Myb repeats on U1 and U6 snRNA Gene Promoter Sequences
Studies of the electrochemical behavior of a H-bonded host-guest complex and homodimer using cyclic voltammetry
Synthesis And Characterization Of Bifunctional Metal Complexes
Synthesis of bifunctional pincer metal complexes containing N-heterocyclic carbenes
Synthesis of extremely hindered imidazolylphosphine ligands for catalysis and fluorinated dendrimers for ¹⁹F MRI
The minimalistic approach of plasmid genomes and identification of plasmid contigs from within bacterial assemblies
Virulent and temperate viruses: The two faces of evil
Who is there and what are they doing? An agile and computationally efficient framework for genome discovery and annotation from metagenomic big data