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Channel bonding/loading for TV white spaces in IEEE 802.11af
Comparison of interpolation methods in modulation and demodulation
Complementary code modulation: technique to reduce PAPR in OFDM
Concatenative music synthesis by note separation using onset velocity detection and statistical models
Coordinated multi-robot security system using fuzzy logic decision making
DLOOP : a flash translation layer exploiting intra-plane copy-back operations
DSP Based Correction of Front End Analog Components in Digital Receivers
Design and development of 5G spectrum massive MIMO array antennas for base station and access point application
Design of LTE testbed to implement green cellular algorithm
Design of a unique EPG structure for common-mode filtering in differential signals
Electrical characterization of ITO based organic solar cells through impedance spectroscopy
Evaluation Of Channelizer Architectures For Space Applications
Fabrication and characterization of graphene based organic solar cells with optical cavities
Flexible RF front-ends for software-defined radio
Haar based orthogonal signals for ultra wide band pulse generation design and performance analyses
Hybrid beamforming codebook design for 5G systems
Implementation of physical layer security of an ultra-wideband transceiver
Improvement in OFDM system by reducing PAPR with CAZAC Transform Matrix method
Improving linearity and efficiency of RF power amplifiers
Initial Cell Site Synchronization in LTE System