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Ideographs in environmental advertising : <nature> and <natural> in Seventh Generation product packaging
Infinite justification
Les fleurs du modernism : floral language in Mrs. Dalloway and Ulysses
Louie : successful subversion of form as an indicator of progress
Multicultural literature as the stepchild of the canon: implementing multicultural literacy in spite of NCLB
Narrative as Social Change: Public Storytelling to Legally Determine the Fate of Juvenile Offenders
Old as time: Circulation of gender conceptions in Beauty and the Beast tales
Philosophy and praxis of multilingual tutors
Structuralist anticipations: The short science fiction of H.G. Wells
The Citation Circle method and the effectiveness of student engagement when documenting and summarizing academic sources
The Responsibilities of the Jewish Councils in Nazi-Occupied Poland
The condensed image : cyborg spaces, interactions, and selves in Feed, Neuromancer, and Snow Crash
The rhetorical consequences of hashtag activism: A case study of #womenboycottwitter
The rugby moment: Sport, iconicity, and the political transformation of South Africa
Tulips and the caged nightingale: The rhetoric of coded dissent performed in the Iranian public sphere
Winter of our cultural discontent : American anarchists and the assault of traditional genres