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IterMatchApp, a web application for the IterMatch group matching algorithm
Machine-learning based identification of metagenomic source environments
Molecular diagnostics for drug-resistant tuberculosis: Can genetic tests replace conventional diagnostics as predictors of drug resistance and clinical outcome?
Performance comparison of single sequence RNA secondary structure prediction approaches and a method to determine accuracy of prediction by CONTRAfold
Protein structure image extraction for gene wiki
Purification and reconstitution of Ras and RAF Signaling on a supported lipid bilayer
RNA-Seq analysis of the heat stress response in two Boechera species
The association of phosphodiesterase 4 (PDE4D_1) A/T polymorphism with blood pressure
Topic modeling and network visualizations to explore the interrelationship between global health disparities and biomedical technologies
Using MHC binding assays to investigate HLA-dependent drug directed immune responses
Utilizing a ranking machine learning algorithm on retention time results to reduce false positive matches in untargeted metabolomics