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Geochemistry and U/Pb geochronology of the eastern-most Peninsular Ranges batholith of Southern California and northern Baja California
Geochemistry and petrography of the Santiago Peak volcanics, Santa Margarita and Santa Ana Mountains, Southern California
Geologic mapping and petrochemical stratigraphy of southern Warner Valley, southern Oregon, USA
Geology of the Rancho El Rosarito area: Evidence for latest Albian, east over west, ductile thrusting in the Peninsular Ranges
Geology of the eastern San Felilpe Hills, Imperial Valley, California: Implications for wrench faulting in the southern San Jacinto fault zone
Geology of the southeastern San Felipe Hills, Imperial Valley, California: with emphasis on the geometry of structural fabrics in the Borrego Formation
Geology of the southern Sierra Calamajue area: Structural and stratigraphic evidence for latest Albian compression along a terrane boundary, Baja California, Mexico
Goodness-of-fit criteria for broadband synthetic seismograms, with application to the 2008 Mw5.4 Chino Hills, CA, earthquake
Implementation of the Helgeson-Kirkham-Flowers model to study reservoir temperature evolution during CO2 injection
Incipient pulverization at shallow burial depths along the San Jacinto Fault, Southern California
Interactive World Map: Natural Disasters
Interactive world map : man made disasters
Largest earthquakes in Japan
Late quaternary activity of the San Miguel Fault, Northern Baja California, Mexico
LiDAR and field observations of earthquake slip distribution for the central San Jacinto Fault
Location monitoring application using iBeacon-simulating office environment
Marine stratigraphy and paleontology of southwest Isla Tiburon, Gulf of California, Mexico
Mytilus Californianus as an environmental monitor: A case study from Central California
Neotectonics of the left-lateral Santa Rosa Island fault, western Transverse Ranges, Southern California
Oil resources of the world