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Negotiating childhood nutrition in the classroom : preschool teachers' nutrition education strategies
Park ranger communication of conservation knowledge: Shaping environmental selves
Partnering and providing reassurance within medical relationships patient/nurse interactions during oncology interviews
Patronymy as taken-for-granted and enforced patriarchal practice?: analysis of marital naming practices and plans
Playing in the past, transitioning into the future : an ethnographic study of athletic identity
Public speaking in private spaces: A rhythmanalysis of the public speaking classroom in the 21st century
Referencing and managing family members' involvements during oncology interviews : an analysis of the role family members play in cancer communication
Remarkable moments: communicating trust in the relationship between the child with autism and the parent/caregiver
Resisting hierarchies : using feminist pedagogical theory to enhance mentoring at the Young Women's Studies Club
Rough Around the Edges: Masculinity, Hegemony, and Identification with the Abject in Dallas Buyers Club
Sacrificing our multi-faceted selves on the altar of doctrine: Evangelical women's navigation of self
Scripting sisterhood: A rhetorical analysis of sisterhood as plot and metaphor
Show me what democracy looks like: Socialization tactics in a nonprofit activism organization
Superman, superwoman, or superhero? A thematic analysis of Reddit user discussions of female superheroes
The "Gray" Matters: Communicating the Liminality of Identity Reconstruction After Brain Injury
The communication of identities and socialization practices among Muslim mothers in the United States
The role of attidudinal ambivalence in the relationship between e-cigarette messages and e-cigarette benefit and harm perceptions
Times are changing : the role of biomedicine and childbirth practices in rural Oaxaca