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Evaluating the monophyly and biogeography of Cryptantha (Boraginaceae)
Evolutionary genomics of gene order and regulation in microbes
Exploring the global virome and deciphering the role of phages in cystic fibrosis
From Pectinate to Divaricate: The Promise of NGS Genome Skimming for Phylogenetic Systematics of Oreocarya (Boraginaceae)
Genome annotation of sea lion
Genome assembly for USA100 MRSA strain 209 and Corynebacterium accolens strain AH4003
Genomic Analysis And Characterization Of Colonizing And Invasive Group B Streptococcal Clinical Isolates
Hybrid approach to predict resting CD4+ T-cell reservoirs of HIV-1: Viral dynamics modeling and machine learning framework
Identification and genomic characterization of four novel Rhodobacteracae strains from the Point Loma kelp forest
Identification of regulatory factors that control nervous system form, function, and regeneration in the planarian Schmidtea mediterranea|
Integrating morphological and genomic data discovers new species diversity within sidewinder rattlesnakes (Crotalus cerastes)
Learning based quantitative evaluation of community living index with Google street-view images
Map Based Tool on History of Cricket Since Its Inception
Mapping regulatory elements in the promoters of autophagy genes
Microbial communities involved in methane cycling in the Anza Borrego Desert soils
Multimedia survey of ancient Babylonian civilization
Novel katG mutations identified in INH-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates
Oil resources of the world
Phenotypic MAPs : an alternative approach to measure functional diversity
Phylogenomics, trait evolution, and diversification of the tanagers (Aves: Thraupidae)