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Causal effect random forest of interaction trees for learning individualized treament regimes in observational studies: With applications to education study data
Classification of glioblastoma multiforme genomic subtypes using three-dimensional multiparametric MR imaging features
Classification of immunoprofiles with combined correlated features algorithm
Classifying major capsid proteins utilizing the random forest algorithm on an imbalanced training set
Climate data computing: Optimal interpolation, averaging, visualization and delivery
Comparative study of nonlinear Kalman-particle filter hybrids in electrical impedance tomography
Comprehensive analysis of curated prophage genomes from PhiSpy for assessment of phage genome mosaicism and tRNA dependencies
Computational Approaches for Descriptor Optimization and Model Development for HIV-1 Drug Design
Consequences of abiotic and biotic factors on rattlesnake foraging behavior
Contribution of bacterial recombination functions versus prophage-encoded functions on genome amplifications in Salmonella enterica
Coupling GCCOM, a curvilinear ocean model rigid lid simulation with SWASH for analysis of free surface conditions
Cross study comparison of the effects on gut microbial diversity in a letrozole induced PCOS mouse model
Cross-layer schemes for enhancing H.264/AVC video quality over wireless channels
Cross-platform normalization of gene expression data
DOF and information criteria calculations for United States temperature and precipitation data
Data assimilation unit for the general curvilinear environmental model
Design and implementation of unequal error protection scheme for wireless fading channels using LDPC codes for HEVC bitstream
Design of cross layer OLSR scheme for directional ad-hoc networks
Developing a nested hydrodynamical model for San Diego Bay, CA using Delft3D and Delft Dashboard
Development of a CMSE based prediction model for HEVC video slices