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In-vivo characterization of glassy carbon micro-electrode arrays for neural applications and histological analysis of the brain tissue
Indentation creep and hardness response of tin-alumina metal matrix composites
Investigating The Use Of Microsoft Kinect 3D Imaging For Robotic Person Following
Investigations and performance of a cavity backed novel modified balun free Archimedean spiral antenna and planar array implementation
Investigations into novel hybrid induction/DC sintering
Lagrangian coherent structures in the model left ventricle
Local scales in imaging
Multiple bandwidth tree based channelizer
New experiments in diffractive optics and polarization control using a programmable liquid crystal display
Performance of single layer multimode concenric circular microstrip patch antenna for reconfigurable radiation patterns
Robotic person following using stereo depth sensing and person recognition
Scheduling, optimization, power management and reliability analysis of smart microgrid with integrated plugged-in electric vehicles and distributed energy resources
Study and design of video content analysis and object tracking technique
Study of the impact of encoder parameters and unequal error protection scheme on hevc performance on fading channels
The Use of Compressive Sensing in Video
The pseudo-spherical fast Fourier transform algorithm
Wifi signal processing for radar sensing applications: Feasability and implementation