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Interpolated tree orthogonal multiplexing scheme for cognitive radio designs
Investigation of channelizer performance to synchronize uncoordinated future LTE uplink system
Iterative successive interference cancellation scheme to remove multi user interference due to carrier frequency offsets in OFDMA uplink
Mobile cell search and synchronization in LTE
Mobile station cell search and synchronization in NB-OFDMA
Multiple bandwidth tree based channelizer
Non-Maximally Decimated Filter Bank and Its Applications in Wideband Signal Processing
OFDM receiver synchronization for a DVB-H system
Physical Layer Comparative Study of WCDMA and LTE
Physical layer comparative study of WCDMA and LTE
Physical layer comparative study of WiMAX and LTE
Self-interference cancelling in full-duplex transceivers
Simulation of physical layer impairments on communication system
Software defined radio for interoperable radio network
Spectrum Sensing Based on Compressed Sampling
Spectrum sensing and detection for cognitive radio system
Study of LTE Advanced
Synchronization Requirements for Downlink Coordinated Mulitpoint Joint Transmission
Synchronization in fixed WiMAX radios
Uplink and downlink synchronization of 802.16