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Chemistry and petrology of a La Posta series soil: Weathering in a Mediterranean hot summer climate
Chemostratigraphy of bedded chert in the Peale Formation, northern Sierra Nevada, California: Implications for the transition from the antler to the Sonoman orogenic events
Climatically dependent compositional variations in holocene sand derived from a granodiorite pluton
Composition of Holocene Colorado River sand: An example of mixed-provenance sand derived from multiple tectonic elements of the Cordilleran continental margin
Composition of holocene sand derived from the Peninsular Ranges, Southern California: Implications for provenance - discrimination diagrams and cretaceous tectonism
Estimates of mass and volume change for the Jurassic Cuyamaca Reservoir gneiss within the aureole of the Cretaceous La Posta pluton: Peninsular Ranges batholith, California
Evidence for a paleozoic submarine fan, Shoo Fly Complex, Northern Sierra Nevada, California
Fault zone architecture of the San Jacinto fault zone in Horse Canyon, Southern California: Implications for focused fluid flow during rupture at shallow crustal levels
Geochemical characterization and tectonic implications of the early to middle Jurassic Sailor Canyon Formation, Northern Sierra Nevada, California
Geochemistry and petrology of mollisols developed on the La Posta pluton: Evidence for feldspar degradation within a Mediterranean climate
Geochemistry of Lower to Middle Paleozoic magmatic arc rocks, northern Sierra Nevada, California