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Detroit politics in a global perspective: a Marxist analysis of the 2009 Detroit mayoral primary
Development and accountability in international economic institutions
Divided memory, contentious politics : a comparative study of history textbooks in Japan and China
Economic inequality and America's dominant ethos : examining the effect of rising wealth and income inequality on beliefs about the American dream
Enforcing workplace safety regulations with criminal penalties
Felon voting rights : a new path for positive activism
Food Speculation and the Financialization of the Commodity Market
Foreign aid; disparate treatment in Latin America and Africa
Framing human trafficking : a comparative analysis of media representation in Great Britain and the United States
From carriers to careers: Can military service boost a woman's earning potential?
Gender inequality and export-led development: Neoliberal reform in Latin America
Geopolitics, energy security, and cooperation in surprising places: The Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum
Girls in Discussions
Growing Community: Bringing Green Spaces and a Community Garden to Lemon Grove
Hactivism : redefining what activists can do
Homeless, neighbors or nuisance?
How states raid international media markets : the case of Russia today
Ideological obstacles to democratic consolidation in Colombia
Immigration in Trump’s Twitter era: How his framing on Twitter affected Mexican news coverage of the Central American migrant caravans
Imperialism in the Americas since the Cold War