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Escherichia Coli Growth Models With Guanosine Tetraphosphate Controlled Stringent Response
Finite Reflection Groups & Space-Time Codes
Forced Response Analysis of Coupled Cantilever Beams Under Perturbations
Hilber-Huang transform applications to environmental datasets : snow cover and ice cover
Introduction of non-linear models for characterization of shape and deformation statistics : application to contractility assessment of enzymatically isolated adult cardiocytes
Matrix Based Lattice Construction Technique
Models for oil price prediction and forecasting
Multiphase level set evolution with applications to automatic generational tracking of cell division of Escherichia coli
Networked system of crystal oscillators
Nonlinear waves and ratcheting behavior in granular chains
Numerical exploration of the dynamics of coupled spin torque nano oscillators
On the asymptotic stability of the zero solution for a linear differential equation with two delays
Optimal averages of U.S. temperature errror estimates and inferences
Optimization of Michell Truss Structures in Bending State
Particle transport by means of a vibrating membrane under variable tension
Predicting the behavior of capsids via Diophantine equations
Pseudo-spectral continuation methods for the planar Hamiltonian Korteweg-de Vries equation
Reconstruction Of The Pentad Global Precipitation Between 1900-2014
Regression reconstruction and its error estimate of annual global precipitation since 1900
Security Issues of Chaos Based Cryptosystems